5 Proven Ways To Make Money On Youtube in 2020

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1 thought on “5 Proven Ways To Make Money On Youtube in 2020”

  1. Hello, Ferdy! You are TRULY A GOD SEND!!! I have been procrastinating and doubting myself for the past few YEARS with regard to YouTube. I can’t tell how many videos AND pictures I have on my phone and computer…it’s LITERALLY RIIIIDIIIICUUULOOOUUUUSSSS!!! Probably since something like 2013/2014 I’ve wanted to do a beauty channel, and gaming channel…It’s SO ironic because the first two things you mentioned where (1) education and (2) gaming!!! And now I have the motivation to start working on my videos and posting them on YouTube. At this very moment I’m not completely sure (or solid) on my understanding of the editing software, but I’m sure you have something out here to help me. But, I’m SO ABSOLUTELY GLAD, HAPPY, ELATED that God allowed me to come across your videos. I initially found you because I was searching for help with WordPress and Divi which I recently purchased. Had I known you were out here, I’m sure I would have purchased them through your links, but when I found you everything was already in place. So, I’ve been watching the WordPress and Divi videos, and I’ve begun watching your other videos as well. Hence, the one I just finished watching about 5 Proven Ways to Make Money on YouTube in 2020. I’m SO ENCOURAGED AND INSPIRED BY YOU!!! You really are AWESOME, and your teaching style is excellent!!! I hear what you’re saying about being better for yourself; but trust me…We hear you very clearly and you make it very easy to follow and understand what you’re doing when you’re teaching about these applications/platforms. It’s working for me for sure!!! And I can’t thank you enough…ALL THE BEST TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!!! You’re my new hero!!!

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