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Hello, my name is Ferdy Korpershoek for WordPressKing and in this video, I will show you how you can get a free API key for Akismet. What is Akismet? These days Akismet is a must-have plugin for a WordPress website. And why is that? Akismet is a comment spam filter tool. It uses a unique algorithm that helps to catch spam mail on your WordPress websites. It will save you a ton of time to keep your website clean from spam.

So, how to get Akismet? Go to the backend of your website. It comes with every WordPress install Maybe you’ve deleted it and otherwise, you can find it overhear.

If you have deleted, you can ‘Add New’. Go search for Akismet. There it is. It is already installed so I go back to plugins. Activate it. But that’s not all. We need an API key, and we want it for free. You click over here. To go there, you go to settings. Activate kismet. Get your API key. Get an Akismet API key over here. Big button. Email is ferdykorp@gmail.com. My username is Ferdykorpgmail. And my password is this one.

I signed Up. Remember password. I want to have the basic one so I go to ‘Get Started’. And overhear I drag this to the left. My first name: Ferdy. Last name: Korpershoek. I continue. Here’s my key. I copy this one and paste it on my website. I pasted this one. Use this key. And that’s it. Your Akismet account had been successfully setup and activated. Happy blogging!

Easy as that. Thank you for watching this video. Feel free to subscribe, to like it, or to comment If you have any questions. And I wish you the best. Have a great day. See you next time. Bye bye.

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