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12 thoughts on “Blocksy Theme Tutorial”

  1. Ferdy, it was taking me weeks to build a website. Plus my footers and headers were awful. I started using bocksy and it is awesome. I am going to purchase pro. Do you have an affiliate link that i can buy from

  2. Hallo Ferdy,

    Je maakt mooie tutorials bedankt daarvoor.
    Nu ben ik de tutorial “hoe maak je een wordpress website” aan het volgen en heb geprobeerd om een comment te geven. Helaas zie ik die niet meer terug bij de commentaren en weet nu dus niet of die bij jouw is binnen gekomen.
    Het gaat om Blocksy 1.7.58 die jij installeert. als ik dat wil doen wordt echte versie 1.7.60 geïnstalleerd en daar zit niet de applicatie companion bij. Hoe krijg ik of de oude versie of waar kan ik de companion downloaden.

  3. You title both – Blocksy and Kadence – the best free WP-theme.
    So which one is really better?
    Could you do a comparison between those two with pros and cons?

  4. Ferdy,
    I used Blocksy and Elementor for making pages is that correct? In the Blocksy header I made background green and when scrolling to make sticky and turn to white background.
    But its not working. What am i doing wrong?
    You can see here.


    Ferdy, this video you showing only the presentation of how you created the website, can you please drop a link of how to actually create the website step by step from start to finish?

  6. Hello Ferdy
    I am wondering if I should design websites using previous version of wp or start using the new wp 5.9 in 2022.

  7. Hello Ferdy, I wonder how many English-speaking visitors watching your video tried to go to! Definitely dangerous difference between a “c” and a “k”.

    Thank you for another great turorial!

  8. HI, Thank you for covering this Blocksy theme. I myself spent time to deeply compare 6 high rated free themes. And Blocksy is one of them and it is the best for blogging and affiliate website because it has rich customization and color scheme options. Am using it for my blog.

  9. Vladimir Manolov

    Hi Ferdy, in your youtube tutorial about woocommerce you are using the blocksy theme and the cart widget in the sidebar. Sinse recently this cart in the sidebar has a broken layout with the blocksy theme due to a lazy loading of the css for it. You might want to check if your tutorial needs adjusting. If yes it would be good if you can share how you plan to change it. I use custom css but I don’t really like it.


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