Build Your Own (Online) Business And Succeed

Learn step by step how to create
an online business that makes you money

I took the challenge of creating a new online business from scratch and show you step by step how I do it. Below you can see all the steps in the videos I have recorded.

What have I done so far

Worked On My Mindset
Found a niche I like and that has potential
Learned a New Skill
Created A Course
Edited The Videos Of My Course
Uploaded My Course To Udemy

How much have I earned so far

$ 4,512

Updated the 12th of November 2023

Intro of the Intro

How to Develop a Business Mindset

Find Your Niche and Find Out If People Are Waiting For Your Service Or Product

How to Learn a new skill and teach it to others

How to create an instructional video

How to edit a lecture for Youtbe | Adobe Premiere Tutorial

How To Start A Youtube Channel From Scratch

Sell Your Course On Udemy

18 thoughts on “Build Your Own (Online) Business And Succeed”

  1. I love the new business (BYOBAS) program. Just finished watching Jim Rohn and it was simply a delicious meal! Appreciate the recommendation. I am going to try to follow in your footsteps once I figure out my niche. I am so grateful for you. Thanks, Precious.

  2. Hi Ferdy,

    My wife and I have started to watch your videos on BYOBAS and WordPress. We will update you soon if we get results. You are very inspiring, please continue your advocacy to help others. Thanks.

  3. Ferdy the world it self is starting up to that better place from good, thanks so much for expressing the love you have and serving others to light.

    Will be launching my website soon through your link of siteground and this is possible cause i have learnt alot from you

  4. One of the great things about your videos and your channel is that there is no hard sell of any kind. Appreciate the work you do in digital evangelizing and BYABOS. Thanks and keep it coming.

  5. Hey, Great Videos! is there any Update on the Earnings of the Course? would be really interesting to see an Update since May

    Great Work!
    Best Regards,

  6. Hi Ferdy,

    Your English is super! Thanks to you I found and love Divi theme. I start building my websites , and doing well because I was following your free tutorials. Until now I don’t have any monetisation, but recently I try to start learning how to make money from Affiliates, even I bought affiliate bot,pushpro, I think you use some of the push notifications. So I have the right tools, I know that want to sell digital products and software, just missing in puzzle HOW? So, I just miss understand what about this course for the price of $297?
    Do you have course that will show me exactly what to do and how to find traffic? You know, like beginner there is ocean from good products, but if you don’t have list or subscribers , mission inpossible. If create tutorials how to start build list from scrach, what to send them, how to keep attention, then the affiliate is easy. Even if you pay for traffic, where,how? I think this missing and if share this things will be amazing, I am your fan and love Duch! We have a friendship over 30 years with Netherland people. Love them. Regards and God bless you!

  7. Thanks for this amazing tutorials!
    Did you promote yourself on youtube or everything is just organic?
    Im 21 Years old boy from Israel and you inspire me so much!
    Thank you for always continue!

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