CartFlows Tutorial

Order Bump Price Code

<br />
<table width="100%" border="0" cellpadding="10">
<td bgcolor="#DDDDDD">Value: $297</td>
<td align="right" bgcolor="#DDDDDD">Price Right Now Only: <strong><font

1 thought on “CartFlows Tutorial”

  1. Hey Ferdy !

    Me & our team watched your tutorials, top notch content on Youtube !
    Also we implemented a lot of the ideas & codes you showed in the videos.

    For the benefit of you & the community wanted to ask about codes for using with Cartflows & Elementor.
    You made a price code for making the Order Bump look better (which we also implemented !)
    Is there a code that lets you have size selections in the Order Bump, Checkout Offer & Upsell ?
    Cartflows said they might add that feature in the future, for now its not available.

    All the best wishes to you, Ferdy !

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