The 3 best WordPress Themes of 2017

If I could choose only one theme to use for all my clients it would definitely be the Enfold Theme. The Enfold Theme is a clean, pretty and beautiful theme with a lot of customization options. If you want a simple and clean website or if you want a highly customized website, Enfold is the way to go!

1.000 Subscribers and a new website

Hi there! I have some great announcements to share with you.
First of all: Me and my wife are back from our honeymoon (see the pictures below this blog ;)). During our honeymoon I got so many great ideas about WordPress-related topics to make video’s about.

Good news

I’ve got some great news! First, I am married since last week! It was an amazing day and now we are enjoying our honeymoon in Cape Town South Africa! It is a blast! When I am on vacation I get fresh in my head again and I start to dream again about my passions! Thats where even more good news comes in!

No way back

I love WordPress! It is absolutely amazing what you can do with this Software! I’ve been making websites with WordPress since 2011. Before working with WordPress, I’ve worked with Joomla. In contrast with Joomla, WordPress is so intuitive, so smooth. So when I first installed WordPress I was sold immediately! You could even download and install plugins from within WordPress itself.