Complete Astra (Free/Pro/Agency) Tutorials

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22 thoughts on “Complete Astra (Free/Pro/Agency) Tutorials”

  1. Hi ferdy . Great job again. I would like to ask you how to create a forum page in wordpress. I know there are few plugins in the market that do the job but I would like something that different than the usual. Do you have something in your mind? Thank you

  2. Hi, when you use basic mega menus on the Astra pro 2.0 theme with text only, is the performance and page loading significantly slower than without mega menus?

    Where is the link on your site to buy this theme?

  3. Hello Ferdy,

    I love your tutorial.

    Please which premium WordPress theme will you recommend for a Church or Not for Profit Organization preferably the one that can handle image slider like slider revolution, audio, event calendar, event countdown, woocommerce.

    Although, I have never use Elementor builder but learned about Themify builder recently but it seems Elementor is great.

    Kindly advice I am ready to learn.


  4. Hey Ferdy,

    Absolutely love your tutorials. You explain everything slowly and very technically, as such I’ve learned so much by spending time watching your tutorials.

    Made sure that when I signed up for Astra Pro Lifetime License that I used your affiliate code.

    Enjoy your holiday and look forward to the next video tutorial!

  5. Hi Ferdy,

    Some time ago you were working on an affiliate course.
    Is this course for sale yet? I haven’t seen an mail from you about this course but maybe I missed it. If not yet released can you tell me when you think is available for your audience?

    Met hartelijke goet,

  6. hi. how i can change the background color of dropdown in (add to cart woocomrece) in astra pro? i knew how change the cart color, but i don’t know how change the dropdown background color. i tried all of the general color section, and it is not work for me.

  7. Is there a way in Elementor to display columns in sections randomly in their order (after reloading the page)?

  8. Hu Ferdy, Ik heb jou blogs gebruikt om een WordPress astra elementen website te maken en het is gelukt. Dank daarvoor. Ik wil een beeld krijgen van de bezoekers die onze website bezoeken en daarvoor heb ik de plug-in: visitor counter plugin geïnstalleerd, maar nu? IK zie dat de plug-in geactiveerd is maar zie nergens iets? Kun jij mij verder helpen. dank je

  9. Thank you so much Ferdy! been following for last two years silently. you are doing your best to teach us everything about WordPress step-by-step. Also, make a tutorial on how you prevent WordPress comment spam?

  10. I was following along in Udemy with your course on WordPress web design with Astra/Elemental and Divi theme. You mention course files for Astra/Elemental and the link is no longer?? In order to do the work right along with you, it is nice to have the pictures, etc.

  11. Hi Ferdy. Big fan of yours.

    Can you send me the photographs used in your Astra 3.0 tutorial and the Blocksy tutorial (the long and the short versions)?

    Thanks, Scott

  12. Hi Ferdy,

    I am Dutch but I will write my comment in English so others can read this as well. I found the Megamenu of your website is not working (well) for a tablet. When chosing an item from the megamenu, it stays for only 1 sec and then you get the common “Tutorials” page (in my case). There is no chance to choose an item in the megamenu. I tried many times but too fast it stops and shows the page. No problem on computer and mobile phone, only on tablet. For the rest, I think your videos and page is super!

    Best regards,

    De Racketclub
    Arnold van Houten

  13. Hi Ferdy,

    Im watching your youtube and follow the step by step on astra e-commerce. On the modern cart period you mention to download the plugin on the link you type on the browser; link: . So I try to go on that link and no plugin was download . how can I get that plugin modern-cart-woo-0.1.0?

    thanks you

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