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With Code Snippets, you can say goodbye to a lot of plugins. It will make your website faster and easier to configure. In this Code Snippets tutorial, I show you how to work with Code Snippets.

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As the name says, with Code Snippets, you add snippets of code to your WordPress website, which fulfill a task that normally would take a plugin to do. So, with 10 code snippets, you can get rid of 10 plugins.

When you use Code Snippets, you can get rid of all your child themes. Code Snippets Pro has a strong focus on saving you time using custom code or CSS.

Save money by buying fewer single-function plugins. Stop manually editing files like functions.php or style.css. You don’t need to be a coder to safely and easily customize your websites. In this tutorial, I will walk you through all the amazing features of Code Snippets and Code Snippets Pro.

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