Complete WordPress Course For Beginners

Change Height Of The Fullwidth Slider

.et_pb_slide {
height: 100vh;

Footer text

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Blurb CSS

border: 1px solid #3194c8;
padding: 25px;
border-radius: 4px;

Blurb Animation CSS

.animation-blurb.et_pb_blurb:hover {
background: #315669;
transition: all 1.0s ease-in-out 0s;

Remove Sidebar Border

.container:before { background-color:transparent !important; }
.et_pb_widget_area_right { border-left:0 !important; }
.et_pb_widget_area_left { border-right:0 !important; }

Contact Form Sum Color

.et_pb_contact_captcha_question {
color: #FFF;

2 thoughts on “Complete WordPress Course For Beginners”

  1. Hi Ferdy!
    I’m still using your tutorial however when I arrived to section 3, chapter 27 ‘create the portfolio page’, I went to your website, ‘ferdykorpershoek’ and didn’t see the ‘how to make a WordPress site for free’ link any longer and I couldn’t download the sydney portfolio.zip file. Do you still have the ability to leave that on your site so I may use it for your tutorial?
    Thank you,

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