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Backing up your website is crucial for safeguarding your online presence. In this blog post, we’ll explore how you can easily create and restore backups using Hostinger, particularly if you have the Hostinger Business Plan.

The Importance of Daily Backups

With Hostinger’s Business Plan, your website is automatically backed up every day. This feature ensures that you have a recent version of your site saved, providing a safety net in case of any mishaps.

How to Restore Backups on Hostinger

Imagine you’ve made changes to your website that you regret or accidentally deleted important content. Restoring your website to a previous state is straightforward with Hostinger. Here’s how:

  1. Accessing Backups: Go to your Hostinger dashboard, navigate to ‘Daily Backups’ or simply search for ‘backups’ in the dashboard search bar.
  2. Selecting Your Website: Choose the website you want to restore. In this example, we use ‘’
  3. Choosing a Backup Date: Select the date of the backup you wish to restore. If you know the exact date when your website was in the desired state, choose that date.
  4. Restoring the Backup: Click on ‘Restore’ and acknowledge that this action will replace all current website files and databases. Remember, any changes made after the selected backup date will be lost.

Real-Time Restoration Process

After initiating the restoration, there is a brief waiting period. Once completed, you can check the ‘Restore History’ to confirm the successful restoration. Visiting your website should now show it in its previous, desired state.

Breaking and Fixing Your Website

The video demonstrates a scenario where updating a plugin breaks the website. This situation is a common occurrence and highlights the importance of having recent backups. In such cases, you can quickly revert to the latest backup and restore your website to its functioning state.

Creating Manual Backups

Hostinger also allows you to create backups manually. This feature is particularly useful when you’ve made significant changes to your site and want to ensure you have a recent backup before proceeding further.

  1. Initiating a Manual Backup: In your Hostinger dashboard, go to ‘Files’ > ‘Backups’ and select ‘Generate a New Backup’.
  2. Completing the Backup: Choose your website and proceed. The system will create a backup based on the current state of your site.


Creating and restoring backups on Hostinger is a simple yet powerful way to protect your website. Whether you’re making big changes, updating plugins, or just want peace of mind, knowing how to manage backups is essential for any website owner. Hostinger’s user-friendly interface makes this process accessible even for beginners.

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