12 thoughts on “Create a News or Blog Website using Newspaper”

  1. Hello Ferdy Korpershoek,
    Hope you are fine. Thank you so much for your nice tutorial. I alwasy followed you. Could you please make a video tutorial on how to make a open journal management system like ijnss.org?
    Waiting for your kind tutorial.
    Thank you so much

      1. Okay. Thank you. I could understand. I do not want the same website. I just want almost similar website that deals with peer review open journal system management. I have found one plugin from themeforest (https://codecanyon.net/item/article-publication/21211407). Could you please make this type of peer review academic journal tutorial for me in wordpress?
        Waiting for your kind response.
        Thank you

  2. I love your tutorials. Why not do with free themes.
    Or send me download link for the Newspaper Theme. For free.. jst for friendship .. hehe

  3. Thank you for your very clear youtube tutorials. I am going to have a cooking website but have found none that allow placement of recipes within categories that aren’t blog themes. Maybe that’s what I need but I’m not sure what theme would best suit that type of website. I have tons of material for four categories that is not geared toward a recipe but helpful cooking information that would not need to be posted in the primary menu but in a sidebar dropdown. I’m trying very hard to follow your videos which are very helpful and work out this dilemma so I can be ready when I launch it. I currently have Astra Pro and am learning how to use it. Great tool. I appreciate your videos. Thanks, Donna

  4. thanks so much for your beautiful tutorials,
    can you please make a tutorial on how to make a site for music uploads, downloads and music streaming site.
    for example http://www.tunesliberia.com or tooxclusive.com but these site don’t doing streaming

  5. Hi ferdy, i am Bangladeshi, i think that you are an awesome man, i always follow your videos and now i watch your newspaper 9 tutorial.

    Thanks for your excellent tutorial.

  6. Hi ferdy, i am Bangladeshi, i think that you are an awesome man, i always follow your videos and now i watch your newspaper 9 tutorial.

    Thank you for your excellent tutorial.

  7. I bought this theme through your link. The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Theme installation failed.
    How to fix this?

  8. I’m in the process of recreating our newspaper website. The original theme was Newspaper 7.5 and we were very satisfied with what we had but because of the hosting company upgrading the php to 7 and to wordpress 5 everything went south. Most of the backend control was wiped out. Our account allowed us to download the Newspaper X.
    My question on your tutorial is based on Newspaper 9. Is there a big difference between Newspaper 9 & 10 and will your Newspaper 9 tutorial work for 10.


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