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  1. Hello Ferdy Korpershoek,
    Hope you are fine. Thank you so much for your nice tutorial. I alwasy followed you. Could you please make a video tutorial on how to make a open journal management system like ijnss.org?
    Waiting for your kind tutorial.
    Thank you so much

      1. Okay. Thank you. I could understand. I do not want the same website. I just want almost similar website that deals with peer review open journal system management. I have found one plugin from themeforest (https://codecanyon.net/item/article-publication/21211407). Could you please make this type of peer review academic journal tutorial for me in wordpress?
        Waiting for your kind response.
        Thank you

  2. I love your tutorials. Why not do with free themes.
    Or send me download link for the Newspaper Theme. For free.. jst for friendship .. hehe

        I love your videos ,and trust you , but I am confused after watching the video about “creating a Newspaper blog website”

        As suggested : I signed up for site ground, then paid for the “blog newspaper site buildler” you suggested $60?

        But Now, I have to pay $50 for a theme within “Newspaper” ?
        I was not happy , But I get it…
        I wish your video would have explained the transition to a paid theme, after i did some inital set up with newpaper tool on my own. Also on my cell phone, i could go beyond the home avatar image, because it made me FIRST create an account to view my site . (but im not sure how to turn off this security tool)

  3. Thank you for your very clear youtube tutorials. I am going to have a cooking website but have found none that allow placement of recipes within categories that aren’t blog themes. Maybe that’s what I need but I’m not sure what theme would best suit that type of website. I have tons of material for four categories that is not geared toward a recipe but helpful cooking information that would not need to be posted in the primary menu but in a sidebar dropdown. I’m trying very hard to follow your videos which are very helpful and work out this dilemma so I can be ready when I launch it. I currently have Astra Pro and am learning how to use it. Great tool. I appreciate your videos. Thanks, Donna

  4. thanks so much for your beautiful tutorials,
    can you please make a tutorial on how to make a site for music uploads, downloads and music streaming site.
    for example http://www.tunesliberia.com or tooxclusive.com but these site don’t doing streaming

  5. Hi ferdy, i am Bangladeshi, i think that you are an awesome man, i always follow your videos and now i watch your newspaper 9 tutorial.

    Thanks for your excellent tutorial.

  6. Hi ferdy, i am Bangladeshi, i think that you are an awesome man, i always follow your videos and now i watch your newspaper 9 tutorial.

    Thank you for your excellent tutorial.

  7. Absolutely the best theme seen for while. I am going to buy this through your affiliate link. Does Divi has anything for social community plugin or theme?

  8. Hello Ferdy,
    Hope you are fine. Thank you so much for your nice tutorials, it’s very useful. Could you please make a video tutorial on how to make a travel agency web site like http://www.santorini-view.com? even if with a premium theme like Trendy Travel or Travel Tour.
    If it’s possible
    Thanks and good luck

  9. I bought this theme through your link. The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Theme installation failed.
    How to fix this?

  10. Hi Ferdy:
    I have been following your tutorials for a long time on YouTube. I would like to know if you might help me out. I wanted to create a website that looks like https://goonernews.com but there are few sources available for me to figure out how to create such kind of website. Thanks for your timeless effort and help to enable me to learn.

  11. I’m in the process of recreating our newspaper website. The original theme was Newspaper 7.5 and we were very satisfied with what we had but because of the hosting company upgrading the php to 7 and to wordpress 5 everything went south. Most of the backend control was wiped out. Our account allowed us to download the Newspaper X.
    My question on your tutorial is based on Newspaper 9. Is there a big difference between Newspaper 9 & 10 and will your Newspaper 9 tutorial work for 10.


  12. Hi, Ferdy. How are you?

    I’m watching your video on Youtube(How to create a blog with Newspaper Theme). It is amazing!

    But I have facing an issue wtih WordPress’s Permalink. I’ve change to “Post Name” as you taught in the video but I get this error: Page not found! But if I change the permalink to “Plain” I can see the pages normally.

    Could you help me about that issue?

  13. A very learning tutorial, thank you.
    I have one question, though.
    Its it possible to make at template of posts. I would like to show ads i the text no matter who writes the post.

    I hope you understand my question

  14. Hello Fredy, Nice tutorial, particularly I found a good theme in this video for my website. Does this them support multilingual option with Polylang? I dont find any mention of it on the documentation page.

  15. Thanks for sharing this awesome article. I will share this article with my social media network Sites Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. Keep It Up For Helpful Information. Thanks.

  16. Hello Ferdy,
    Hope you are fine. I am a Huge fine of you, Thank you so much for your nice tutorial. I always followed you. and now I am creating a news website with watching your tutorial.
    Keep It up For helpful Information. Thanks you.

  17. Hi, Ferdy.
    I’m building my site by watching your video on Youtube (How to create a blog with Newspaper Theme). It is amazing!
    But right now I am stuck at the stage where I downloaded importable blogpost to my backend but when i run the wordpress importer and uploaded the zip file i downloaded from your blog, it says: “Sorry, there has been an error. This does not appear to be a WXR file, missing/invalid WXR version number”.
    Please what do I do now?
    Thanks for your kind assistance.

  18. Hi Ferdy,
    I am still awaiting your response, like I said I get this message when I download your importable blogpost to my site: “Sorry, there has been an error.
    This does not appear to be a WXR file, missing/invalid WXR version number”
    Please what is the problem here and what should I do next?

  19. I bought the Newspaper theme and I am working on customizing it for my website. My question. Can I add other plugins for things that I like Headline Rotator? I think I am confusing myself.

  20. Hi Ferdy 🙂

    Thank you for this amazing tutorial – I was able to build my own healthcare blog. However, I wanted to experiment and explore more. So I imported this theme (with content)


    I was able to customise it perfectly on my laptop. But it is not showing up on my phone like this. Why is it so?
    Can you kindly help me? (The mobile theme and all the necessary plugins are activated)

  21. This is a most interesting Blog and the reference sites are helpful. Today Newspapers seem like a source of information that is dying out. But in the past Newspapers were the heart and soul of current events. I see many great opportunities for teachers and students to learn through these newspapers and to learn research skills.

  22. hi ferdy , have a nice day, i always watch your tutorial, i lean more from your video tutorial. its very helpful , today i download your newspaper dummy content, am Maminul live in saudi arabia , originaly Bangladeshi, thanks, best of luck ..

  23. Thank you for presenting something that is best, and this gives an idea for all of us a lesson that we always learn from someone even if that person is not known to us, and success always for you who has inspired us all!

  24. Hello Ferdy… love all your videos, I have learned so much from you! I am continually creating new websites for small businesses and entrepreneurs, however, I still struggle with the correct steps to make these sites easy for my clients to have some input in the daily operation of the completed site without the risk of being destructive. Today I am adding a blog page to an existing site and I want to know the correct steps to set it up for that client to take over inputting articles and stories. Thanks!

  25. Hi Ferdy. I hope you are doing fine.
    I have seen your youtube video about the newspaper website. It was truly awesome.

    Carry on and I want more videos like this. Thanks for your valuable time.

  26. Hi Ferdy,

    I’m interested in building a genuine blog/news website on investing, but wouldn’t google penalize you for duplicate content. How would this work please? thanks in advance.

  27. Dear sir,
    I have a problem in newspaper plugins installation
    Tagdiv starndard pack ajax error.
    I update it manually. But not active
    How to solve it?

  28. Hey Fredy Korpershoek! Thanks for the tutorial. I have a problem idk. I customize the header not in your way but using the Cloud Templates to customize it. I cant change the top bar color in full wight just only where the logo start and where the search icon end.

    I would like to send you a pic of my desktop so you can understand what i mean. It will be so cool if you can help me. I dont use a demo just how you did that in the video the only thing that i customize my header as i said with Cloud Templets. Tag Div doesnt help me in the forum or the support. They said they dint know. But i am sure you know.

    Alex from Germany

  29. Ferdy, I want to create a News Blog and Advertisement bloh, can I create that with Newspaper Theme or have to buy different theme for advertisement

  30. Hi Ferdy Korpershoek. Thank you for this. I always refer to this when editing my newspaper theme. I have a problem. I cant CONFIGURE MY INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT. When I try to connect Instagram account, it says, “The link you followed has expired.” Please can you help me with this. ??

  31. I jsut emaile dyou about having to pay for theme after buying newspaper, but I decided to watch th evideo again and saw I neeed to click on INSTALL DEMOS to activate them.
    so never mind
    Thank You Merry Christmas !!!

  32. Hello Ferdy, Just finished your Elementor Pro Tutorial and then found this. I have paid for Elementor Pro, but I want a Blog/News website with a Shopping Cart. What’s better for me Elementor, Soledad, or Newspaper?

    1. Ferdy Korpershoek

      Hey Chirag, you can accomplish the same things with all 3 tools. I would choose the one you feel most comfortable with.

  33. Thanks for this tutorial videos ferdy you really convey and impact knowledge with this videos.. but I’d like if you can make a video on that free theme newsmag for beginners like us… Thank you very much!

  34. Hi Ferdy,
    Wish Well.
    I have installed Jnews Theme on my website rajadhanivartalu.com
    I would like to set the default language as ‘Telugu’
    Presently it is in English. Please let me know how to to change it from English to Telugu language.
    Thank You So much
    Hussain Khan

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