Elementor Cloud Website Tutorial

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Then we will create our subdomain, and immediately, you have access to your website.

We can import an Elementor Template Kit if we want to.

I will show you how to lock your website so only people with a password can enter it and how to turn off the lock mode so your website is live.

By default Elementor, Cloud will make a backup of your website every 24 hours, but I will show you how to create a manual backup and how to restore backups.

We will talk about Teams, so you can give other people from your agency access to all your websites made with Elementor Pro, both using Elementor Cloud and using an external web hosting provider.

We will talk about the support. When you have an Elementor Cloud website you can start a chat session with support from your own website.

By default, you get a free domain name at Elementor Cloud that looks like this. I will show you how to link a custom domain name to your Cloud website.

I will show you how to install professional Elementor Template Kits and how to adjust those to your wishes.

We will add an external email account provider, so you can use Elementor Cloud in combination with a custom domain name and a Custom Email Address.

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