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I have some great announcements to share with you.
First of all: Me and my wife are back from our honeymoon (see the pictures below this blog ;)). During our honeymoon I got so many great ideas about WordPress-related topics to make video’s about. The last couple of days me and my wife (who moved in after the wedding) ‘re-installed’ our house, and it took some time to give all our stuff a new place. That’s the reason why I couldn’t record the video’s immediately after we came back. But yesterday and today I recorded two video’s, so we are on the move!

Two other great announcements involve WordPressKing:
1. Today the Ferdy Korpershoek has got his 1.000th subscriber on Youtube! We are so happy! This number of subscribers is mainly caused by the best viewed video ‘WordPress website for beginners 2015‘. I hope to make a lot more video’s like this in which I will show you step by step how to make a website.

2. FerdyKorpershoek.com launched a new website today! This website is more news oriented. I am still figuring out how the theme I use for the website works. One thing is for sure: the website doesn’t look that great, because of the few blogs and tutorials. So it is time to blog more and put more video’s online!

The next big tutorial will be a tutorial about the theme ‘Newspaper’, so that you will be able to see how to make a News Website in WordPress. I am looking forward to record it! But first I will get to know this theme better so that I can give you all the in’s and out’s!

2016 will be a year with lots of video’s and blogs!

2 thoughts on “Good news”

  1. Please Ferdy my name is Adeola I’m from Nigeria but I’m currently living at Russia Ferdy the life is not really good at me all because I’m stay illegal I’m saying this because you seems like someone I can trust see the only opportunity I’m currently having right now is I’m still alive , it seems like noth work for me any more here is really hard to live I have worked for so many people in construction company, stores, restaurant, a lot of them have take advantage of me because I didn’t have proper documentation to live and works I’m 31 years old no girlfriend no friends at all all I have is me the only things that I’m currently doing is am beging from the street because I have so medicine I must buy because of my health please Ferdy kindly teach me how to do affiliate marketing I believe I can do it please help me am ready to learn

    1. Ferdy Korpershoek

      Hey Adeola, I am sorry to hear that. With all the tutorials I provide on the internet and dedication from your part you have everything in order to move forward with this business! I focus on helping as many people as possible by creating these videos for free. I could not do that if I would help people 1 on 1. So check out my affiliate marketing tutorials!

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