I’ve got some great news! First, I am married since last week! It was an amazing day and now we are enjoying our honeymoon in Cape Town South Africa! It is a blast! When I am on vacation I get fresh in my head again and I start to dream again about my passions! Thats where even more good news comes in!

I decided to quit my job because I had no time left to do the things I am passioned about. One of these things is ferdykorpershoek.com! It was a great year with the launch of a free 3 hour long tutorial where I show the viewers how to make a website from the start till the finish! It has been watched over 70.000 times! That really blew my expectations away!

The plan is to take a certain time a week to bring the Ferdy Korpershoek channel more to life so that more people can enjoy the wonderful benefits of WordPress!

Whats coming up? I will make a full tutorial on how to make a blog website, how to use and configure your hostgator email address on a mac and on a PC and how to use Mailchimp and a Facebook Like box that popups in your screen on your website! We will be back in december and then I will start making tutorials again!

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