Google Adsense Tutorial


Google Adsense Tutorial

In this complete Google Adsense Tutorial, I show you how to get started with Google Adsense, how to link Google Adsense with your website, comply with all the terms, and activate your account so you can start to receive payments from Google Adsense.

Sign Up For Google Adsense

Signing up for Google Adsense is free. However, there are a few things you really need to keep in mind when you want to use Google Adsense on your website (or on your Youtube channel).

  1. You Need to be at least 18 years
  2. You need a Gmail account
  3. violating the terms can terminate your account
  4. Never (ever) click on your own ads
  5. Never encourage others to click on your ad
  6. Don’t use Adsense on websites with adult content
  7. Don’t use Adsense on websites with copyrighted material
  8. Do not create a second Google Adsense account

I will walk you through all the steps in order to use Google Adsense in a way that you do not violate the terms, BUT PLEASE, READ THE TERMS! Print them out. Put them on your fridge. Learn them by heart. Put it in tattoos on your body. Just kidding. Reading them is enough 😇

Link Google Adsense with Your Website

In order to place Google Adsense advertisements on your website, you need to connect your Adsense account with your website. You can do that by placing a code (as shown in the tutorial) or using Google Sitekit. When there is a connection you are ready to set up ads for your website.


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