How To Make A WordPress Website 2020

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Learn how to create a professional WordPress website using the Enfold theme. I always want to give the viewers the best! Well, The Enfold Theme is one of the best themes there is. In this video I will walk you through all the steps that enable you to create a professional website! As a webdesigner I come across a lot of clients who have certain wishes. Sometimes they have their own theme already in mind.

25 thoughts on “How To Make A WordPress Website 2020”

      1. Hi Ferdy! You’re my number one!! I purchased the Enfold theme, do you have any video plans for 2022 about it?

        1. Ferdy Korpershoek

          Hey Angelo! Thank you! Not yet. It seems that the Enfold theme does not change that much so my last tutorial still seems sufficient 🙂

  1. Im trying to follow your tutorial on creating a website. But when I come to themes in wordpress where you say to open a new page and enter it lookes different than on the tutorial. Never mind that, but I can’t find the Enfold. All I see in what is now called ‘templates’ is Elementor?

    So… how do I get the enfold?

  2. Hi Ferdy!
    I am Tony Full, and an ardent reader of your website and blogs.
    My client wants me to create a wordpress TV website for him. I want to ask if you think the Newspaper theme is suitable for a TV channel website?
    I reaaly love the newspaper8 and newspaper 9 themes.

  3. Dear Ferdy, thanks for the tutorial. I am making progress. When I google for solutions to some problems often can solve it. But now I have encountered some problems I would like to post on Kiersi so I can get help. To create a profile (which is a pre-reuisiste to posting) I need a ‘purchase code’. What purchase code are they talking about? Can you please clarify?

  4. Hello, Ferdy Korpershoek,I followed the Tutorial How To Make A WordPress Website 2019 but i faced an issue with slider issue.
    even i imported the construction demo, but the issue was same, could you please guide me where i did the mistake

  5. Hi Ferdy! Your content is really nice, thank U so much!

    I’d like you to help me to solve a little problem with the footer using ENFOLD and ELEMENTOR (keywords for other searchers!), I have just install elementor and I used your tutorial, but at the end, the beautiful design I created was destroyed by a misconfiguration on the footer… How do you think I could fix it?

    So, here you have a pic of the mistake

  6. hi
    bought the enfold theme yesterday (looks amazing) and had it’s issues it possible to get the same images you used for the enfold default? for example, don’t have the nice bright pinksh landscape picture or that happy smiling family a result my version looks darker and doesn’t have the same feel as yours
    best regards
    ps: not intending to use them once online

  7. Ferdy

    Ik heb echt geen flauw idee hoe ik een eigen kleurenpalet kan maken door gebruik van het Enfold theme?. Ook die vraag is voor andere klant die Astra wil en gebruikmakend van Elementor Pro hoe daar een kleurenpalet samenstellen. Dat zijn de kleuren: 2 achtergrondkleuren (#1198EA, #C5DFF8), font color: #0A5785, link color: #A85A4D, header color: #F1F5FA
    Graag met een screenshot zijn blijkbaar maar voorgedefinieerde kleurenpaletten

  8. Your tutorials are great…I find myself saying “save, save, update, lets take a look” in my sleep. I am moving our current site to the enfold theme with the help of a consultant who did our installation. Our enfold theme editor installation does not have the magic wand menu options in the advanced layout editor that you show in your demonstrations. (I think you have all the contents, media and plugin elements).

    I can’t seem to find out anywhere in your demo’s where you show how to edit that magic menu. Can you point me to an example?

    I live in the US, but I’m 2nd generation Dutch, with my fathers grandparents from Rotterdam and Delft. Your accent makes me think of them fondly.
    Thanks in advance.
    Keep up the great work.

    1. Hi Dyke, I think you don’t need the answer anymore :-), but I am answering for anyone else: : Ferdy is using the CSS for the transparent menu in the “How to make a WordPress website 2020” Youtube video (I am not sure I can paste a link here), at 1:07:18


    Ferdy … any way you’d make templates of some of the work you perform in your Enfold instructional videos.. namely services template, etc?

  10. Hi! I’ve seen you complete course on Youtube about the Enfold theme. Great! Thanks for sharing.

    I´m not a developer but know enough to build my amateur photo website using a site builder like Enfold or Elementor (I kow a bit about it).

    Which one do you think would be better. After your course got am impressed with Enfold but I’m not completely sure if it is more flexible and easy to use Elementor.

    Many thanks.

    Have a nice weekend with your lovely family.


  11. Dear Ferdy. I have followed your amazing tutorials for both Enfold and Elementor, and I have used Enfold for a website ( a Travel agency) but now I can not make any changes to it?? I can’t add new elements at all??? Do you have any idea what has happened ? I am not aware, that I should have done anything strange – and it works on all other websties I have made with Enfold. Please – If you or anyone else have an idea, leave a note 🙂 Kind regards from Ingelise – Denmark

  12. Hi Ferdy,
    your tutorials are amazing and you describe the details for each element in the topic. But I’ve come up with problems I can’t solve in Enfold.
    When I set the gif preloader, two loaders are active on the page, which I set and default preloader, one below the other. How can I remove the default loader from the page?

    Thans You

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