Install WordPress Locally with Local By Flywheel

Install WordPress Locally with Local By Flywheel


9 thoughts on “Install WordPress Locally with Local By Flywheel”

  1. Ik heb een aantal van je tutorials bekeken en leer er veel van. Bedankt voor de duidelijke en leerzame uitleg. Ik heb wel een vraag over “local”. Ik heb Local geïnstalleerd. Dit koste wat moeite maar uiteindelijk, nadat ik mijn virusscanner uitgeschakeld had, lukte dat. Het rare is dat ik de aangemaakt website niet via “view site” kan bekijken (er volgt “404 site not found”) maar wel via de live link. Ik heb al uren gezocht naar een oplossing maar kan die niet vinden. Wat doe ik verkeerd?

  2. Hey Ferdy,

    I really enjoy your tutorials… well done. Thank you. I took your advice on Local by Flywheel. the first couple of days were exactly as you said in the video. this morning I woke up to a message with a critical update with bug fixes. It offered a live update.

    I clicked yes and it created a problem the would not allow me to access my local website. I immediately contact the folks at Flywheel but they have been unresponsive in addressing my problem. this is obviously a bug in their release. Moreover, they do not seem to care about his bug.

    Here’s the error message I receive when trying to start my local site: “Heads-up! Local’s router is having trouble starting.”

    I’ve lost two days of work because of this. Any thoughts on this?

  3. Hello Ferdy,
    I have searched all over the internet to install wordpress and elementor on my 32 bits windows system, but all failed. Can you help me with a link to download these.

  4. Wow! just awesome Ferdy !! At last, got free from the hassle of installing WordPress, Making sites, and losing it by crashing the XAMP – again and again. Thanks for this helpful tutorial.

  5. If you have any existing website that you are not happy with, is it best create a new website in Local by Flywheel and try and move it across or should I just create new pages in the current wordpress admin?

    If I want to start using Envato Elements for the new website, can I do this in my current website?

    Many thanks for your wonderful tutorials


  6. I got:

    “Heads-up! Local’s router is having trouble starting.”

    The first time, it said to close anything that uses port 80, so I shut off Firefox and then closed and reopened Local. It then connected. However, as soon as I opened ANY browser, Local went offline again. So, I uninstalled Local, restarted, and reinstalled Local. I also ran SFC /scannow which found no errors. Now, I cannot connect via port 80 and I have no idea why?

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