How To Make A WordPress Website In One Hour

Learn how to create a professional WordPress website within 1 hour using WordPress, the Astra theme, Elementor, blocks and free templates, and free images.

I always want to give the viewers the best! In this video I will walk you through all the steps that enable you to create a professional website!

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Get Webhosting
Get The Free Astra Theme
Get Elementor
Download The Images I Use In The Tutorial

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31 thoughts on “How To Make A WordPress Website In One Hour”

      1. Hi Ferdy how are you? I just wanna say something since like a year now. (i KNOW, Too lazy, my bad.) But i really want to tell you a UNIVERSE SIZE THANK YOU! cause you are doing not just a great job by sharing your knowledge, but also making possible for others like me to achieve my own professional goals. In my country Venezuela is not a well paid job, but it is my passion and maybe i’ll get to know clients from other countries. I really hope so xD. But anyway, i wanna say it again, Thanks a lot for all the great job you are doing, i wish you only the best of the best and keep it up buddy. Congrats!

  1. Beste Ferdy,
    Heb jij toevallig ook ergens in een tutorial informatie gegeven over het maken van een gepersonaliseerde contactformulier met automatische reply?
    Groet, Nassim

  2. Anthony Watson

    Ferdy, I stumbled onto your tutorials last week and I have been hooked since ! I’ve been using Elementor(free version) for months and just purchased the Pro version. Your tutorials will allow me to build and promote my business in a more professional manner.

    Excellent work !

  3. I am wanting to purchase Astra Pro, but can not see a way to do it through your site. I appreciate all your videos and would like to support you and help you make a commission. If there is a way please let me know.

  4. hola Ferdy I am from mexico and I follow your tremendous job amazing¡¡¡¡¡
    but I have a problem I cant get any of the templates.
    can you help me? please

  5. Hi Ferdy, I can’t find the free astra theme with the link above. It looks like its a paid version now. Is there a way to get the free astra theme?

  6. Hi Ferdy,

    Thank you for the excellent tutorials. I plan on building a website soon. I work as a pastor and counselor, and some of the people I am helping are dealing with very personal/sensitive issues. What would be the best way to build a website where users can post entries that can only be seen by that person and me? It would need to be secure. Is there a tutorial for that?

  7. Sir your tutorials are wonderful. I have one issue while adding page on my new site. When I create page with Blog name and try to open this page I get following error “Access to was denied
    You don’t have authorization to view this page.
    HTTP ERROR 403”
    This error is limited to only blog page while other created page are opening properly. Request you to help me in fixing the same.

  8. Hoi Ferdy,
    Ik heb mijn website volgens deze video gemaakt maar hij laadt traag door te grote afbeeldingen. Kan ik met een truc alle afbeeldingen snel vervangen door kleinere afbeeldingen zonder bij elke gallery/achtergrond handmatig het plaatje te verwijderen/uploaden? Een soort replace-shortcut zoek ik dus. Hopelijk weet je raad.


  9. Hello Fedry how ru? i have some small issue in my website. header section i have insert social media icons. in google browser they cant load face book and instragram linked in logos not loaded in buttion. and scrooling button also same problem. how can solve that problem. some other browersr opened like firefox and internet explore.

    thank you
    seshu babu

  10. Hallo Ferdy,

    Ik heb al de stappen juist gedaan om van 8MB naar 1GB te gaan (om de template te kunnen uploaden). Maar het blijft op 8MB staan.
    Heb jij hiervoor een oplossing?
    Of mis ik wat?

  11. Hi Ferdy
    Thank you for this amazing job
    I try to install the ultimate template but thru namehero i don’t know where to go their websitee change the layout and I don’t find where to change to 2gb.
    May be you get a brillantn idea doyou no another solution to uplaod the file
    Thank you to give the code for the Astra pro “commission special Ferdy”

    Can you help me


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