Create a WordPress website without paying a dollar

Custom CSS for the Sydney Theme

Header white transparent

.site-header {
background-color: rgba(255,255,255,0.9) !important;

Don’t Display the Page Title

.page header.entry-header {
display: none;

No Padding

.page .content-wrapper {
padding-top: 0px !important;
padding-bottom: 0px !important;
margin: 0px;

No Featured Image at Blogpost or Project Post

.single-projects .entry-thumb {
display: none;

Bold text different color

strong {
font-weight: 900;
color: #2d94c8;

Header 2 margin

h2 {
margin: 0px 0px 0px 0px;

Sydney Portfolio 3 columns

 @media only screen and (min-width: 991px) {
     .roll-project.fullwidth .project-item {
        width: 33.333333%

Learn how to make an amazing WordPress website using a free theme, free plugins and free stock images! I will walk you through all the steps in order to create an amazing website from scratch using WordPress, the Sydney theme and the Elementor editor.
Demo site:


I did a lot of research to find the best WordPress theme and editor. I combined those and with free stock images you can create amazing websites! And if you don’t want to spend money on webhosting I will show you in this tutorial how to create a website on your local computer!

Here are some links I use in the video:
Get Serverpress:
Discount code: FERDYKORP
Images in website:
Get the Elementor:
Get the Sydney Portfolio Plugin:
Get the Custom CSS links:

Overview of the tutorial:

0:00 Overview of the tutorial
6:22 Get a Domain and Webhosting or
14:03 Get ServerPress and install WordPress on your computer
17:53 Clean Up The WordPress Backend
22:12 Create Pages for your Website
24:54 Create and Configure the Menu
26:56 Get the Sydney Theme
29:55 Download the Images I Use in this Tutorial
30:46 Configure the Sydney Theme
49:11 Download Elementor
50:56 Create the About Page
1:10:16 Add a Button and Anchor Link
1:13:12 Change the Footer Text
1:16:31 Create the Services Page
1:31:12 Buttons, Sections and Anchor Links
1:44:40 Create Your First Blogpost
1:58:01 Configure the Blog Settings
2:04:22 Sidebar Widgets
2:08:16 Create the Portfolio Page
2:23:20 Add Footer Widgets
2:29:31 Create the Contact Page
2:34:47 Create the Homepage
2:42:18 Overview of the Website

Useful links:

SEO Tutorial:
WooCommerce (Webshop) Tutorial:
Mailchimp tutorial:
Google Analytics Tutorial:
Google Analytics Dasboard Tutorial:


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