In my recent years of webdevelopment I came across some really nice WordPress themes. After trying a lot of themes there were a few that blew me away! In this blogpost I want to mention the three best WordPress themes of 2017. With those 3 themes I can almost make any website my client want. They are clean, have a professional look and are really easy to work with. In the latest 10 websites I made for clients there was only one occasion where I did not use on of these three themes. I am going to give you my top 3.

3. X Theme

Wordpress X ThemeThe X Theme is like 30 different themes in one theme. And the great thing is that the every layout has within that theme has a different look and feel. You can have a dark full width website with a menu on top, a video header and a nice footer area with four widgets, but in the same X Theme you can have a white boxed layout with an image gallery on top of the menu and no footer at all. With a few clicks you can install a demo that you can check out before you activate it and then change the content. In that way you speed up the process in making your website. What I love about the theme is variety of choice in the layout, easy to use interface and the great front end editor that comes along with the theme! This amazing theme is yours for only $ 64.- at Themeforest.

2. Avada

Wordpress AvadaOne of the first premium theme I used was Avada. That was because it was the number one theme at Themeforest at that time. The theme is still in the top 3 best selling themes all time at Themeforest. These theme also comes with a lot off diferrent demo’s of the website. This theme is perfect if you want to make a quick and professional website and want to work from a demo that Avada offers. The beauty and yet simplicity makes this theme a must have! Their slogan is rightly: ‘Never us another theme again’. This theme has everything you need in order to make a great website for a business or an organisation. It comes with the Slider Revolution. A great Slider that helps you to showcase your work (video or photo) in an extraordinairy way! Take a look at the demo’s yourself and become convinced of this amazing theme! This WordPress theme costs $ 59.-. Learn how to make a website with the Avada Theme.

1. Enfold

Wordpress Enfold ThemeHere is my favourite and best theme of 2016! The Enfold Theme! It is so easy to work with this theme! In the backend you drag and drop everything in place how you want it to be and in the front end it looks fabulous! The main options like the look and feel, colors, header settings, sidebars settings etc. are so easy and intuitive to change! This theme does all the work for you and makes the content of your website come alive! The Enfold Theme has by far the best editor there is around! You click on an element, change the content and close it. You drag an element below or above it, change it to another place, change the background and textcolor of every element. You can change the size, place, put a video in the background, create a parallax background. The sky is the limit! If I could choose only one theme to work with it would definitely be The Enfold Theme! It’s yours for just $ 59.-. Learn how to make a website with the Enfold Theme.

The Best WordPress Themes | Honorable mentions

Here are some honorable mentions. You can find them all at Themeforest! The Bridge Theme. The Salient Theme. the Jupiter Theme. The Impreza Theme.

Your favourite Theme

What is your favourite theme and why? Let us know below in the comment section!

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