We Reached 100.000 Subscribers

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8 thoughts on “We Reached 100.000 Subscribers”

  1. Hi Ferdy,

    Congratulation!! I am really happy for you! I am so glad i found you on youtube.
    Since the beginning of this year i make thanks you every month around 1500 Euro extra money and it will grow every month. Just thank your great videos and tips !! It`s sounds a bit funny but i feel like you are a friend because we spent so much time together on youtube 🙂
    So do what you do because you are great in what you do.
    I think it`s important for us as entrepreneur that you take time off like you did last month. So work hard but don`t forget your beautiful Family and also not yourself.
    You doing great !!
    I love you! See you soon 🙂

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