What Is A CDN?

What Is A CDN? A CDN is a Content Delivery Network. It performs several important functions to enhance web content delivery and improve the overall performance of websites and applications. Here are five key things that a CDN does:

Content Distribution

CDNs distribute copies of website content, such as images, videos, stylesheets, and scripts, to multiple servers (often called edge servers or PoPs – Points of Presence) in various geographic regions. This reduces the distance between users and the content they are trying to access, minimizing latency and improving load times.


CDNs cache static and dynamic content at their edge servers. Caching involves storing frequently accessed content closer to end-users, which reduces the load on origin servers and decreases the time required to fetch content. This leads to faster page load times and a better user experience.

Load Balancing

CDNs employ load-balancing algorithms to efficiently distribute incoming traffic across multiple servers. This helps prevent server overloads during traffic spikes, ensuring that websites and applications remain accessible and responsive, even under high demand.

DDoS Mitigation

CDNs offer protection against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. By distributing traffic across a network of servers and having robust security measures in place, CDNs can absorb and filter malicious traffic, helping maintain online services’ availability and uptime.

Security and Content Optimization

CDNs often include security features like SSL/TLS encryption and web application firewalls (WAFs) to protect against data breaches and cyberattacks. Additionally, CDNs can optimize content by compressing images, minifying scripts, and performing other performance-enhancing tasks to improve website speed and reduce bandwidth usage.

In summary, CDNs are crucial in improving websites’ and applications’ performance, reliability, and security by distributing content, caching data, load-balancing traffic, mitigating DDoS attacks, and optimizing content delivery.


CDN Speed Before And After

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