WooCommerce Tutorial 2019

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WooCommerce Wizard

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45 thoughts on “WooCommerce Tutorial 2019”

    1. Yeah I still cannot get the images as a placement so had to download site. Although respect Ferdy and family very much.

    1. Ferdy Korpershoek

      Yeah, All in One WP Migration limited the maximum upload size. You can download an older version of the plugin.

  1. The product images are no longer there. Please can you help with the images? Thank you. You have really been of great help.

  2. I cannot tell you how much I have learned from you – you have saved me so much time and energy & I am forever grateful and very appreciative. I am struggling in one area – I must have missed something – so I could sure use your help. I downloaded the entire website and followed along with the video. For whatever reason, in my header your video shows your navigation menu, shopping cart icon and search icon. When I downloaded the website and up through installing woocommerce, I get the navigation menu, but I do not have the shopping cart of search mag glass. Can you tell me where I went wrong with this? Thanks again – you are truly talented. the site has a countdown page now, so you won’t be able to view the header – which is basically the logo and pages. Appreciate any assistance you can offer.

    1. Ferdy Korpershoek

      No, I buy it everytime since I want the viewer to have a logical structure of the video. I show exactly what to do without skipping a step. Siteground does not sponsor me.

  3. Enjoyed your free tutorials and now subscribe to your newsletter. Think your approach works in getting people to buy through your affiliate links. Will be upgrading to Elementor PRO and; will be moving my web-host and domains from Bluehost to Siteground quickly.
    Sadly I was unable to locate the product images to follow along with your Woocommerce tutorial. Other images were in the download but the product images were not. Just thought I would let you know!

    1. Free OceanWP Website
      This OceanWp website is for free. Download and unzip the the file and import the .wpress file using the WordPress plugin All in One Migration.


  4. Halo ferdy, thanks for the tutorials, in fact i have learnt a lot from them. I kindly ask you if it is possible to embed a download button that is connected to woo commerce into other pages that have downloadable products other than having one shop page. also i suggest that you can create a link for donation since you are doing a great job yet you get no financial support from site grounds. thank you

  5. Ankana Chatterjee

    thank you so much sir…i’ve learned lots of things from your videos…i’ve done 2 wordpress projects by my own…your tutorials are very effective and the way you are teaching us…is very easy…thank you so much 🙂

  6. sir,i have a problem..i’m using serverpress .i’ve done a woo-commerce website.but the problem is that the password during account creation is not sending into customer’s email-id.i don’t understand why this not happeing….i think it is because i’m using serverpress….please reply if i’m right or not…..and if this is happening for other reason….please let me know sir…..if possible please reply.thank you

  7. Hi Ferdy, I have finally found someone I can understand, who doesn’t use abbreviations and tecky talk. Thank you so much and keep up the good work.
    I want to open an online shop. I make fairy cottages using recycled materials. (It’s somewhere between Disney and Harry Potter). I have WordPress. Each piece is unique and I want to show all aspects in the photos. I am a beginner and the online world is a mine field for me. Could you recommend the best free e-commerce themes, SEO, security plug-ins etc that would be good for me. Many thanks. Colette

  8. ‪Hey Ferdy. Stumbled onto Your great tuts on Astra an ocean wp. I’ve been bulding my sites in Divi, but feel it’s painfully slow and cumbersome especially for ecommerce. Worldly You recommend ocean over Astra for a webshop or is it a draw? Appriciate any advice you can offer. ‬

    Best regards, Henrik Lindqvist, Sweden

  9. Dear Ferdy; thank you so much for your tutorials. I think I´m ready to start making my online store using woocommerce and Astra with the help of your videos. Would you please let me know which one I must install and set up first? I´ll appreciate a lot your guidance or any help in the process. Thank you so much in advance. Have a nice day.

  10. Blake Shoel Herring

    Just wanted to say thank you very much for the very thorough woo commerce tutorial, I really appreciate you taking the time to share and teach others. You have found another faithful subscriber!

    I was curious, do you happen to have a video showing how to set up and collect payments from Paypal with Woocommerce? My cousin and I are getting ready to set up a new site and we have never done that before.

    Thanks so much for all you do, your channel is awesome 🙂

  11. Hello Ferdy,
    Bro you are real genius…..i have searched so many tutorials on wordpress…but your channel is THE BEST……Keep good work going… Please help me when ever any favour needed as far as technical knowledge is concern…

  12. Hi Ferdy.

    Awesome tutorials you got. I used this tutorial to set up my online and I’m really thankful.

    Can you please make a tutorial on how to easily sell a downloadable audio album where customers can choose to buy individual tracks in the album or buy the whole album outright at a reduced price just like the do it on stores like iTunes. You will find that an individual track in a 20 track album costs US$0.99 yet the entire album costs only US$9.9.

    I have searched the entire web for plugins and tutorials on this particular set up but I have failed to find any. I followed you ‘group product’ section of your tutorial but it does not address my specific need at the moment.


  13. Hey Ferdy, the download is not working. I get this error “There was an error submitting your subscription. Please try again.” on multiple browsers and emails.


  14. Kan je me alsjeblieft helpen mbt. tot de afbeeldingen die een productpagina weergeeft. In eerste instantie is mijn afbeelding heel onscherp wanneer ik erop klik en bij een enkel product komt is de foto scherp terwijl dit de zelfde foto is… Ik heb mijn marges al aangepast maar ik kom er niet uit

  15. chris blackman

    I have used your tutorials from day one as I started learning WP rather than HTML & CSS using notepad and Dreamweaver as an Adobe CC affiliate – I never seem to get the images you use – to follow instruction without doing more work and creating my own. Which at the moment sort of like defeats the object as just want to learn that bit more with the layout then adapt to my own sites I am making thanks to you and a couple of others.
    Besides this great tutor nonetheless.

  16. Hi Ferdy Korpershoek,

    I hope you are fine, i am big fan of you. I have seen a lot of your Web development tutorials and still continuing the rest one,s. Your method to explain things is fabulous, keep it up. I have problem when importing/Migrating site with “All in one WP Migration” plug in, when import the downloaded file of website nothing happens after completion of 100% file upload bar and it,s stuck. Keep in mind the web site file size is below the allowed limit so i need to skip the process. Or tell me any other best alternative. I have used “clone” plug in but it,s very simple and do not have many options. Please make a complete tutorials about this and send me link..Thanks!

  17. Hi I have a problem to download the website.
    I followed the instructions but I never received any email to download the website

  18. Hello Fredy

    I love your tutorial but I have a problem to download the website.
    I followed the instructions but i did not receive the email to activate the download.

  19. Ferdy,
    I am taking your WooCommerce Tutorial and I just wanted to leave you a quick comment to let you how much I am learning and enjoying from your tutorial.
    This is not the first tutorial of yours that I have taken and I expect that it will not be the last.
    Thank you for sharing your expertise with us.
    John K
    PS: You wouldn’t by chance have a manuscript for this course?

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